FSU vs. Louisville live score, updates, highlights from 2023 ACC championship game


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CHARLOTTE — Florida State has been among the most feared college football teams all season. The Seminoles tore through LSU in the season-opener, beat Clemson on the road, dominated Duke and pulled away late against Florida.

But early against North Alabama, in the penultimate week of the season, longtime starting quarterback Jordan Travis was injured, ending his season early before he had a chance to lead the program to an ACC championship and College Football Playoff appearance.

Those goals are still on the table, though. To achieve them, third-string quarterback Brock Glenn will have to be the one to do it, as the Seminoles prepare to face off against Louisville, which has gone from 8-5 a season ago to 10-2 in its first year under Jeff Brohm.

MORE: Watch FSU vs. Louisville live with Fubo (free trial)

This matchup figures to be a thrilling showdown between two balanced rosters. During the regular season, Louisville ranked 26th in total offense and 19th in total defense, while Florida State ranked 30th and 20th in the two categories, respectively.

Win, even with a backup quarterback, and Florida State will almost certainly be headed to its second-ever CFP appearance. Lose, and it will open the door for another team in the picture to claim one of the four spots.

Sporting News is tracking scores and highlights from Saturday’s ACC Championship. Follow for updates from the game between Florida State and Louisville.

FSU vs. Louisville score

  1 2 3 4 F
Florida State 0 3
Louisville 0 0

FSU vs. Louisville live updates, highlights from ACC championship

(All times Eastern)

Second quarter

9:43 p.m.: Guerendo picks up 11 yards on a carry, but that will end the first half. 3-0 is the lowest first-half score in ACC championship history.

9:41 p.m.: Louisville appeared to be winding the clock down to the end of the half, but winds up calling a timeout with three seconds left in the half. The Cardinals are all the way back at their own 13. Florida State has just one timeout left, and Louisville could run out the clock.

9:40 p.m.: Jordan hits the hole and takes off for a big gain of 17, but the play is coming back on a holding penalty. Louisville will now face a second-and-24 with 26 seconds on the clock.

9:38 p.m.: Plummer was pressured and gets a throw off to Jordan in the flat. Jordan fumbles the ball, but pounces on it for a loss of four yards. Louisville calls a timeout with 32 seconds left in the half.

9:36 p.m.: Glenn waits in the pocket for a long time, and just manages to get the throw away before he’s brought down by Jeff Clark. Louisville sideline wants an intentional grounding, which would have taken the Seminoles out of field-goal range, but it won’t get the penalty. Doesn’t wind up mattering as the kick sails wide left from 45 yards out, and Louisville will take over at its own 27.

9:35 p.m.: Benson picks up seven yards running up the middle, but the offensive line is blown up on the next play and Glenn is sacked for a loss of nine yards.

9:34 p.m.: Florida State welcomes the pressure, and Glenn flips the screen pass to Benson, who takes the ball up 13 yards for a first down at the Louisville 25.

9:33 p.m.: Louisville punter Brady Hodges shanks the punt, and it goes out of bounds at the Louisville 38. Just a 24-yard boot.

9:31 p.m.: Guerendo picked up two yards up the middle before Plummer’s throw to the left falls incomplete. The Louisville QB then takes too much time in the pocket and is brought down by Fiske for a sack and a loss of six yards to bring up another punt. Florida State uses a timeout with 1:46 left in the half.

9:30 p.m.: Plummer’s throw to Thrash is a bit low, but the receiver makes the grab for a quick 10-yard pickup and a first down.

9:26 p.m.: Glenn had another nice deep throw, this time along the sideline to Coleman, but again Coleman has a hard time hanging on, bobbling it before making the catch out of bounds. Florida State will punt the ball away. The fair catch is called for and taken at the Louisville 8.

9:24 p.m.: Toafili picks up five yards on his first carry of the drive, then is brought down for a loss of one the next play. Another third-and-long coming up.

9:23 p.m.: Glenn appears to be heating up, putting a nice throw on Wilson over at the left sideline. Wilson then turns up field and picks up 19 yards to the FSU 45.

9:19 p.m.: Glenn rushes for four yards up the middle, then finally uncorks his best pass attempt of the day with a perfectly placed throw to Coleman over the middle that would have brought the Seminoles up to their own 49. But Coleman dropped the ball, bringing up a third-and-9. FSU uses its first timeout of the half prior to the third-down play.

9:18 p.m.: Benson picks up three yards to the Florida State 22 to give the Seminoles their first third-down conversion of the day (first-down conversions on penalties aren’t credited to the offense).

9:17 p.m.: Benson gets three yards cutting through the right side, then takes his next handoff six yards darting through the line to the left to bring up a third-and-1.

9:12 p.m.: Jordan is brought down for no gain on a run up the middle on second down, then Plummer’s pass to Bell is in traffic and falls incomplete. Plummer is 2-for-11, and 18 of his 23 yards came on a screen pass. Louisville will punt the ball, and it rolls out of bounds at the Florida State 10. 7:43 left in the first half.

9:11 p.m.: Impressive carry by Jordan, taking a few would-be tacklers with him for a seven-yard run to move back into Florida State territory at the 49.

9:11 p.m.: Florida State thought it was about to get a sack on Plummer, only for him to dump the ball off to Jordan on a screen pass. Jordan raced up the left sideline for 18 yards to reach the Louisville 44. He’s been almost all their offense today.

9:09 p.m.: Plummer keeps the ball on an option, but he’s brought down for a loss of one. He then scrambles to the right and has to throw the ball away to avoid a sack to bring up a third-and-11.

9:09 p.m.: Florida State with a short kick that Guerendo returns out to the Louisville 26.

9:04 p.m. Florida State scoring play: Near disaster for Florida State. Glenn wasn’t ready for the snap, but center Maurice Smith sent it anyway. Smith jumped on the ball for a loss of three, but it will mean the Seminoles have to settle for a field goal, which Ryan Fitzgerald makes from 45 yards out. Florida State 3, Louisville 0

9:03 p.m.: Glenn’s pass is batted down at the line of scrimmage. Third-and-10 coming up for Florida State. Seminoles are 0-for-4 on third-down attempts today, and their longest play of the day is eight yards.

9:03 p.m.: Glenn barely managed to get a throw off before he was sacked on the first-down play. 

9:02 p.m.: No targeting on the play. Florida State will resume on offense.

9:01 p.m.: The last play is being reviewed for targeting. Looks like cornerback Quincy Riley might have led with the helmet trying as Glenn was sliding down.

8:59 p.m.: Glenn rolls out to the left on a play action and picks up six on the scramble. As he slides, Louisville is flagged for unnecessary roughness after he took a hit while sliding. Florida State all the way up to the Cardinals 24.

8:58 p.m.: Glenn is again flushed out of the pocket, and he scrambles for seven yards to the Louisville 48. Toafili again takes a snap from the wildcat, and gets three more yards to pick up the first. Florida State has started to find some life.

8:57 p.m.: Hill gets three yards to start the next series. The next play, Toafili takes the direct snap in the wild cat and picks up eight yards running to the left, the largest gain of the day for the Seminoles, to bring up a first down at the FSU 45.

8:56 p.m.: Glenn’s pass to Wilson sails over his head down the field, but pass interference grants the Seminoles their first, first down of the game and moves Florida State up to its own 34.

8:55 p.m.: Benson gets a yard on the first carry of the quarter to bring up a third-and-7. 

First quarter

8:50 p.m.: Glenn completes another short pass to Johnny Wilson, but it goes for only a pair. Another completion behind the line of scrimmage, the only such passes so far today for Glenn. That will bring the first quarter to an end with Louisville holding the total yardage edge 32-5.

8:49 p.m.: Plummer throws a pass out right to Calloway, but it is just past his receiver’s hands. He’s now 1-for-8 passing today for five yards. Louisville is forced to punt, and the ball is fair caught at the FSU 23. Just 33 seconds left in what has been a punchless first quarter so far.

8:46 p.m.: Jordan rushes for a pair right up the middle, and on a jet sweep, Kevin Coleman races around to the right side for six yards to bring up a third-and-2. 

8:44 p.m.: Back-to-back carries by Benson net only two yards for Florida State. Glenn’s pass over the middle, his first time throwing past the sticks today, is considerably short of Ja’Khi Douglas. Florida State still has nothing going on offense as it has to punt again. The ball rolls out of bounds at the Louisville 20.

8:43 p.m.: The Cardinals opt for a play-action pass, and Plummer had tight end Josh Lifson wide open on the right side, but his pass attempt is batted down at the line. Florida State takes over at the 50.

8:42 p.m.: Plummer scrambles out of the pocket and tip-toes his way to the 50 for a pickup of 11. Louisville keeping the offense out there for a fourth-and-1 try.

8:40 p.m.: Isaac Guerendo is stopped for a loss of two to start the Cardinals’ drive, and Plummer’s next pass, a deep shot down the left sideline out to Bell is well over thrown. Plummer has yet to connect on a deep ball, but it hasn’t been for a lack of trying so far.

8:38 p.m.: So far, one first down, six punts, 16 total yards between these two teams. Florida State has accounted for just one of those yards.

8:36 p.m.: Glenn rolls out of the pocket and Ramon Puryear pushes him out of bounds for a loss of four to to get credit for a sack. Glenn then tries another short pass to Coleman, who is brought down for only six yards, and Florida State will have to punt again. Louisville makes the fair catch at its own 42.

8:35 p.m.: Trey Bendson tries a run over the middle, but he’s stopped for just a yard. Louisville continues to dare Florida State to try anything deep.

8:34 p.m.: Plummer drops back and is immediately pressured. He heads backward all the way back to the Louisville 41 when he’s finally caught for a sack by Jared Verse. Louisville punts it away, and a Cardinals roll sends it all the way back to the FSU 10.

8:32 p.m.: Plummer attempted a deep shot over the middle to Chris Bell, but the ball falls incomplete. Looked like he had him for a minute, but the pass was just a bit past him. Jordan picks up three on the next play to set up a third-and-7.

8:31 p.m.: Jordan takes the handoff and gets to the edge on the right side and bursts off down the line, picking up 22 yards up to the Florida State 49. First first down for either time, and first time either team’s offense has been in opposing territory.

8:27 p.m.: Lawrance Toafili is taken down for no gain on a rush, and Florida State will go three-and-out again. Louisville has been ready for all the short plays and rushes with the young quarterback playing. Louisville fair catches the punt at its own 29. Three three-and-outs so far.

8:26 p.m.: Rodney Hill takes the handoff, but is brought down in the pile for only a yard. Glenn throws the ball out right to Coleman, who races all the way back across the field behind the line of scrimmage to the left, but he can manage only two yards for his efforts.

8:24 p.m.: Plummer dodges pressure in the backfield and attempts a pass over the middle to Jamari Thrash, but it’s broken up. Florida State gets a fair catch at the FSU 31.

8:23 p.m.: Plummer is flushed out of the pocket on the first play of the drive and has to throw the ball away. The next drive, he tries a deep shot out to Jimmy Calloway down the left sideline, but it bounces off Calloway’s fingertips. Third-and-10 coming up.

8:19 p.m.: Florida State’s offensive line was completely overwhelmed on the right side, and Glenn is blasted for a sack by cornerback Storm Duck. Florida State punts, and Louisville gets the ball at its own 24.

8:18 p.m.: Working quickly, Glenn slings a pass out to Keon Coleman to the right, but the Cardinals bottle the star receiver up for just two yards.

8:17 p.m.: Indeed, it is the freshman Glenn out there to make his first collegiate start in the ACC championship. He is nearly sacked, escapes pressure briefly and picks up a yard on the scramble.

8:16 p.m.: Jack Plummer’s first pass attempt of the game is complete to Chris Bell, but he’s stopped at the 28 for a short gain. Louisville punts the ball, and it stops at the Florida State 33, where the Seminoles will take over.

8:16 p.m.: Braden Fiske blows up the line, and buries Jordan for a loss of three. Already a third-and-12 coming up for Louisville.

8:15 p.m.: Jawhar Jordan picks up only a yard on the game’s first carry.

8:14 p.m.: Louisville takes the touchback to start the game.

8:12 p.m.: Florida State wins the toss and deferred to the second half. Louisville will start the game with the ball.

8:10 p.m.: And now, here come the Seminoles.

8:07 p.m.: Here come the Cardinals taking the field ahead of tonight’s game.

7:54 p.m.: According to 247Sports, Glenn is expected to be the starter against Louisville. Read here for what you need to know about Glenn.

7:45 p.m.: Teams are headed back to the locker rooms following warmups. Just under 27 minutes until kickoff.

7:28 p.m.: Two states south, Alabama has taken down No. 1 Georgia in the SEC championship. If Florida State and Michigan both win tonight, the committee is going to have its hands full deciding between an undefeated Seminole team with a backup QB, a Texas team that beat Alabama and a Crimson Tide squad that just knocked off the top team in the country for the final two spots.

7:15 p.m.: Rodemaker is out on the field in uniform for warmups. Still appears headed to a true game time decision.

7 p.m.: Rodemaker was warming up on the field with the other quarterbacks. Still no word on whether he’ll be starting or if Glenn will be under center.

6:15 p.m.: Florida State is still mum on who will be the starter at quarterback. Early reports have been that third-stringer Brock Glenn will be the starter, but a Florida State spokesperson has reportedly said there is no update on who the starter will be. The decision appears to be waiting until after pregame warmups.

FSU vs. Louisville start time

  • Date: Saturday, Dec. 2
  • Kickoff: 8 p.m. ET

Saturday’s clash between Florida State and Louisville will start at 8 p.m. ET from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

What channel is FSU vs. Louisville on today?

  • TV channel (national): ABC
  • Live stream: ESPN+, Fubo

The 2023 ACC Championship will be carried by ABC, with Joe Tessitore, Jesse Palmer and Katie George on the air for the call.

Those hoping to stream the game can find it on ESPN+ or with Fubo, which offers a free trial.

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