Anthony Edwards finger sleeve, explained: Timberwolves star pays homage to Kevin Garnett with accessory


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The Timberwolves have reached the Western Conference Finals for just the second time in franchise history. And while Minnesota’s second conference finals appearance comes 20 years after the first, there are several strong links between the 2004 and 2024 squads.

In 2004, Kevin Garnett’s fearlessness and competitive nature led the Wolves to new heights. 20 years later, the spirit of Garnett is felt through a fearless competitor in Anthony Edwards in addition to Karl-Anthony Towns, who once called Garnett a teammate.

Throughout the Wolves’ run, Edwards has paid homage to Garnett’s Minnesota legacy with a physical reminder of The Big Ticket’s time in the Twin Cities.

Here’s more on the finger accessory that ties two of the best to ever wear a Timberwolves uniform.

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Anthony Edwards finger sleeve, explained

Since April, Edwards has played in a black finger sleeve that features No. 21, which Garnett starred in for over a dozen seasons in Minnesota.

More than just a deliberate choice to honor Garnett, Edwards is wearing the finger sleeves that once belonged to the Hall of Famer during his time with the franchise.

Kevin Garnett and Zach LaVine

(NBAE via Getty Images)

After Edwards’ 50-point performance against the Wizards in April, fans noticed that he was wearing Garnett’s signature accessory. In response, Garnett reacted to Edwards’ choice and explained the finger sleeve phenomenon during an episode of “Ticket and the Truth” with Paul Pierce.

“I haven’t been to ‘Sota and been back to the equipment room, where everything is and all that, but (the equipment manager) used to have a million (finger sleeves) so I could pass them out to little kids, some nights when you ain’t shooting it right, you fling (the sleeve), you need another one so I probably got a million of those back there.”

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Edwards, who presumably got his hands on Garnett’s leftover finger sleeve stash from years ago, saluted the man who helped pave the way for this year’s Timberwolves team.

Similar to Garnett, Edwards’ finger sleeve has a purpose. In March, Edwards dislocated a finger on his left hand after the poster dunk that shut down the internet.

After cycling through different measures to minimize discomfort, Edwards has been sporting just the sleeve since the beginning of April.

On May 19, 2004, Garnett, wearing a finger sleeve, celebrated his 28th birthday by winning a Game 7 to lead Minnesota to its first-ever Western Conference Finals.

On May 19, 2024, Garnett celebrated his 48th birthday while watching Edwards sport the No. 21 finger sleeve and lead Minnesota back to the Western Conference Finals.

The spirit of Garnett lives on through his Young Wolves.

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